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For Adults

Community Employment & Placement Services

These services provide assistance to individuals, who are intellectually and developmentally challenged, in obtaining and maintaining a competitive job within the community. The jobs pay the same wage and benefits received by other employees. Individuals are trained in interviewing skills, proper hygiene, dress code and other areas of job readiness. Clients actively pursue employment with the assistance of an Employment Specialist Job Coach by utilizing newspaper advertisements, the internet, cold calls and other leads that meet the needs, wants, and abilities of the individual. The Employment Specialist/Job Coach accompanies clients to their job and actively participates in job training and coaches the individual on all aspects of the job to ensure satisfactory performance. The Employment Specialist/Job Coach decreases work hours as the job tasks are mastered. Goodwill receives the cooperation of many area businesses, which in turn leads to the successful placement of employees in many locations throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania. Individuals that participated in this program are referred by the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) and County MH/MR Departments.

For more information contact Employment Specialist Director, Vince Budzyn by email at or call 570-290-1788

Community Options

This community habilitation program is designed to provide intellectually and/or developmentally disabled adults with social and recreational activities such as bowling, shopping and dining out. The program also offers a coordinated health component emphasizing health, nutrition and fitness classes. Healthy Cooking and Healthy Living activities are included. Another component Community Options offers is non-competitive job skills and basic computer training. Eligible trainees can obtain paid employment while working under the direction of a Goodwill Employment Specialist/Job Coach.

Supported Employment – Job Options

Job Options is a program that allows for individuals to work in a supported non-competitive employment setting. They receive the opportunity to work on job readiness skills to include but not limited to filling out timesheets, completing inventory list and soft skills. Participants will have the opportunity to receive paid employment.

Volunteer Program

This program provides an opportunity for individuals not capable of competitive employment to participate in an integrated work setting to gain experience in the community by volunteering at a local agency. A support coach assists in matching each individual with a setting conducive to their wants and needs. The coach assists until they become capable of performing their tasks independently. Volunteers are assigned to local non-profit agencies, such as hospitals, libraries, churches, etc.

Day Program

Adult Day Center is our program that provides activities for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Program participants engage in a wide variety of activities including, but not limited to skill development, pre-vocational training, healthy living activities, healthy physical activities, bowling, shopping, as well as working on specific goals. Many arts and crafts projects are included. This program is licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare.