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Goodwill Industries of Northeastern Pennsylvania

For Adults

Community Participation Supports

This service provides support and opportunities for individuals to participate in meaningful, skill building activities within a licensed day program and in their community. Individuals are assessed upon admittance into program and a service plan is utilized to assure quality services are rendered. Skilled and educated staff offer supports and activities to build on individual skills, preferences, and future goals to work towards a more independent life. Discovering local communities allows individuals to develop natural supports and relationships and to better navigate their local setting. Transportation is included in this service. This program is licensed through the Commonwealth’s Office of Developmental Programs.


Community Employment & Placement Services

These services aid individuals in obtaining and maintaining a competitive job within the community. Individuals are trained in interviewing skills, proper hygiene, dress code and other areas of job readiness. Individuals actively pursue employment with the assistance of a CESP ™ certified Employment Specialist by utilizing a developed network and traditional job seeking methods that meet the needs, wants, and abilities of the individual. The Employment Specialist can accompany individuals to their job and assist in job training and coaching on all aspects of the job to ensure satisfactory performance, assuring tasks are mastered. Goodwill receives the cooperation of many area businesses, which in turn leads to the successful placement of employees in many locations throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania. Individuals that participate in this program are referred by the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) or County Administrative Entities.


Small Group Employment

Small Group Employment is a service for individuals who may not be ready for a competitive, community based employment opportunity, but would like to develop the skills while completing meaningful work. Individuals in this program work under CESP™ certified staff in small group or one on one setting, based on individuals support needs. Work completed is paid at an hourly rate and at least minimum wage. Individuals participating must have a future outcome of competitive placement. This is a waiver funded program.


Supported Employment

Supported Employment services are direct and indirect services that aid individuals to obtain and maintain competitive employment in a community setting. Individuals in this program are supported in seeking and obtaining employment by an employer in the community that pays minimum wage or higher and is fully integrated with coworkers with and without disabilities. Employment Specialists can assist individuals on the job so that the placement is successful.

Behavior Supports

Behavior Supports is a service offered through residential and day programs, as well as for those with waiver funded services who need additional support. Behavior Specialists work with individuals and small groups to negate negative behaviors so that they may live a healthier, more independent life.